Darran Crowley

I'm an Irishman based in Örebro, Sweden. I've been living here since late 2011. Jag pratar lite svenska but communicate much better through English.

My academic background includes a wide range of Business and Information Systems topics. I'm also a fully trained, qualified and registered teacher for secondary school and higher education.

I've had a wide selection of jobs from a report and database boffin to loyalty system guru, web development wizard to the teacher of business studies and every IT subject conceivable. I've also been a chocolate shop umpa lumpa.

I'm a Scout and Volunteer at heart. I've worked with WOSM, the International Scout Centre in Switzerland, Scouting Ireland and The Guides and Scouts of Sweden on World Jamboree Planning team. I've also a lot of Partnership experience.

I really enjoy doing amazing stuff with awesome people. Suppose I'm fair lucky like!

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